Deceive me Not

Do me a favor and let me read your mind
Every word spoken were like fireflies in the night
Making me feel something that’s one of a kind
It’s like I’m drowning in their fleeting twinkling light
But don’t underestimate me
It won’t make me ignore the darkness of the night


Wasted Time

Turn back the time
When I only catch butterflies
Listen to crickets’ cry
And pretend I never lie
I promise
I promise
I would finally fly


Foul Attitude

One glance is never enough
What’s hidden under are often trash
Yet sometimes isn’t those junks make things tough?
Unseen ruggedness is not always bad
Deny it all you want
But all of us have foul weapons we treat as a confidant

I know you don’t intend trouble
I believe it’s because they can’t be held liable
So your weapon would sometimes move without permission
Terrible how this confidant can befall you with unthinkable contrition
Whenever it makes you enter a despicable competition
And yet you can’t get mad for its anxious protection


How far can a Butterfly fly?

The rain is coming and the clouds are gray
Yet why does everything seem gay?
The breeze is playing with the fallen leaves
Oh what a lovely sound they make
But not as lovely as the voice that called my name

The voice enchanted me to follow
I said “No” many times before
Now I can’t take it anymore
So I let myself be captivated by this voice
Dreading that I’ll eventually regret the choice


The Sound a Rooster makes

Waking up in the morning
Oh what joy it will bring
If I hear the roosters sing
I bet no one thinks their sound is annoying
Because roosters singing is incredibly amusing
It always makes me calm on the next hours I’ll be facing



I’m scared and afraid
Every step I make gives nothing but pain
I don’t dare blink for everything might fade
Why am I drenched with water, there’s not even a rain
I looked down, all of a sudden I started to get drown
And then I realized someone was dragging me down


Unwanted Resentment

It’s never been easy to clear my mind
Everything would often seem to be out of line
Sometimes, simple mistakes are blurring my eyes blind
And teasing me to step out of my own line

One night a thought knocks in my head
I let it enter, I was stupid for I was not prepared
If only I was aware of the sabotage it didn’t declare
It planted something I wouldn’t dare to tell


I Appreciate

Am I just making excuses?
Or does my heart really stings with bruises?
I can’t even remember where I earned it
No wonder I decided to remove what’s inside it
Hoping for discomfort to ease even a little bit
Yet now the emptiness is so heavy it might split


Butterflies do Pray

Clouds turned grey
Warning to rain
Flowers seeking the sun’s rays
Took cover for they might feel pain
The butterflies folded their wings
and began to pray

Wind rushed like a running train
You could hear its whistling wail
Feel its cold rumbling tail
that makes the trees bang their heads
forcing their hands to shake restless
and getting them to creak endless


Let me recolour

Although there might be pain once again

Bruises and wounds will certainly feel the same

I still yearn for another chance of return

But I’ll make sure to bring a special pen

To repaint the colours I wanted to burn

Surely no one will see through that pen

For I’ll choose a colour darker than pain

But don’t get curious and lay a finger

I can’t guarantee that the colour won’t stick to you forever.